Welcome to the journey of Redddaz.
For about 20 years, Kenwinck V. Cayennee (Redddaz) has proven he is a music artist through natural talent and creativity. Redddaz inherited his talent from his father Johnny Cayenne, who used to play bass for “The Mighty Sparrow”. He was also tutored all about the history and culture of Dancehall music from his older brother Kurt Cayenne (Screwface). Just like any artist in the world, Redddaz started with a clean sheet of paper and a mind filled of creative ideas to a full page of G-Clefs. Determined, he found a way to push his ideal sound with satisfaction.
In the streets of Crown Heights Brooklyn, Redddaz determined to showcase his music to the world. Other than the freestyle battles in the school lunchrooms, playgrounds, along with numerous talent showcases such as “Flex In Brooklyn”; one of the his first journeys into the mainstream world was when Redddaz decided to collaborate with Ian “Feva” Williams to create the “Team Outbreak” . Redddaz pushed the boundaries of Soca music by fusing it with the sounds of Pop and World music; the “Punjabi Song” (Indie Nice Remix) became a smash hit in the summer of 2002. The remix was heard on known Soca stations such as, 103.1 Bashment Radio, 1190AM WLIB and 104.7 Fire Station. In addition, circulating around the streets, there was also television and radio interviews became highly interested on the success of the group. Team Outbreak gotten the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people at Jersey City Carnival and Soca Monarch Competition held in Brooklyn, New York.

In the Team Outbreak, Redddaz originally known as Infa-Redd, decided to split from Team Outbreak to pursue his solo career. Since then, Redddaz collaborated with Max Glazer of federation sound who is the personal DJ for known artists such as; Rihanna, Sean Paul, Estelle, Cham, and many more. Redddaz was able to show his written talents by creating a song for Beenie Man songs titled “Whine” as a co-writer. “Whine” received outstanding reviews globally and currently has 1.4 million views and counting on YouTube. Redddaz was satisfied with the reception from the “Whine” project, he continued to work hard to show his talents all over the world. In the winter of 2010, Redddaz worked on a project for Scion Automotives who is known company under Toyota. “Fi di Ladies” was produced and composed by Redddaz for the Scion Automobile Radio 17′s EP. This became popular and was electronically downloaded from digital audio sites such as iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets. Scion’s album release party showcased with a memorable performance of Redddaz collaborating with known music artist Ricky Blaze, Mr. Lexx, T.N.T, and Terro 3000. Redddaz created “Fyah-House Productionz”, which became the base ground for his music catalog. With determination, Redddaz showcased his greatest asset. He done so with his mixtape tape titled “Versatility”. The future has yet to be written and Redddaz have overcome many obstacles and accomplished in so many areas. With collaborating artists, producers and creating music; Redddaz will continue to showcase his talents all over the world. Welcome to the journey of REDDDAZ.


Photographer: Kusan Parson

Musician: Redddaz