Red photo 2.jpeg

Redddaz is the spirit of Brooklyn in one man. He’s the homie on your right beatboxing in the cypher, with a couple sixteens in his back pocket. He’s the one at the fete, catching a whine while the room sings along to “Sugar Boom Boom”. He’s the dude slamming the dominos on the table screaming “SIX LOVE!!!” on a hot summer day, while food sizzles on the grill in the back. This melting pot of American, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Latino cultures is not only the foundation of his music, but also his plane ticket to the rest of world. Understanding that music ties us all together, this songwriter and producer seeks to bring a little piece of Brooklyn on his travels around the globe. If you want to get a taste of his world, catch him starting up a cypher on the beaches of Santorini, or racking up some dominos with his new friends in Bangkok. Or, just tune in and hit play.


Photographer: Ridhima Hodges